Synergy by SwainSmith

How It Works

Synergy supercharges your EAM operation, system and initiative.

Synergy provides a complete operating model, data libraries, assessment and governance tools needed for successful, sustainable enterprise asset management.

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Synergy makes EAM Systems Perform Better and Faster

Synergy consists of three powerful web-based tools that build a strong foundation for your EAM system so you can create more value, sooner.

Value Map Assessment

Value Map Assessment platform is a complete, interactive, web-based tool for rapidly identifying gaps between your current practices and industry-accepted standards, such as ISO 55000.

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Score your operation against industry standards
Plan, prioritize and measure your improvement efforts
439 key measurements across 25 operational segments
Track Multiple Locations

Master Data Library

Our Master Data Library contains the industry’s most comprehensive set of Problem-Failure-Action-Cause codes. It will jumpstart your RCM initiatives by giving you detailed insights into equipment failures.

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Over 40 discrete code sets
Over 2,000 Problem-Failure-Action-Cause codes
200,000+ relationships, 200+ equipment classes
Industry standard naming conventions and taxonomies

EAM Operating Model

A complete operating model that helps organizations establish documented best practices for their maintenance, MRO materials management and procurement operations.

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Software Agnostic
Provides foundational practices EAM systems need
Covers Work Management, MRO Materials Management and MRO Procurement

Trusted by asset-intensive organizations across the globe

Trusted by asset-intensive organizations across the globe (Trane, Chiquita, Edys, Sant-Gobain, Del Monte)

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