Equipment Failure Codes

Supercharge EAM/CMMS failure analysis with the industry’s largest library of equipment class failure codes

Use Synergy's Master Data Library Equipment Failure Codes to:

  • Improve EAM/CMMS failure reporting and analysis
  • Springboard the development of your problem-failure-action library
  • Identify and eliminate sources of unplanned equipment downtime
  • Optimize your PM/PdM program
  • Get good failure feedback with transparent, granular insights.
    Stop trying to analyze work order comments.
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EAM Failure Codes - Get Codes

Take years of development time off the table.
Start with our industry-proven framework and go from there.

Quickly develop a superior set of problem-falure-action codes with Synergy’s Equipment Failure Codes. Our equipment failure codes have helped organizations across the globe jumpstart their asset reliability initiatives. The benefits include:

Over 2,000 Problem-Failure-Action-Cause codes

200,000+ relationships, 200+ equipment classes

Over 200 distinct equipment classes

Cuts your EAMS development time by 75%

Provides a rock-solid foundation for asset reliability, reporting and analysis

Gives you deep and precise information about failure causes and culprits

Download a Free Problem-Failure-Action-Cause Code Set

    All the Equipment Failure Codes you need are included in the Synergy Master Data Library.

    Know your equipment: past, present, and future.


    Know exactly what happened. Zero in on asset failures based on their equipment class, problem, and failure reason.


    Know how much it cost in time and money. Discover which action was taken, how frequently, and at what cost.


    Know when it will happen again. Using the asset’s work history record, accurately determine the optimum maintenance schedule.

    Equipment Class, Problem Reasons, Failure Reasons Chart

    Trusted by asset-intensive organizations across the globe

    Trusted by asset-intensive organizations across the globe (Trane, Chiquita, Edys, Sant-Gobain, Del Monte)

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